Dharma and Moksha

There are many nuances of meanings of dharma, depending upon the particular connotation we are looking at. In one sense, dharma is natural justice or social justice, social order or even social stability. And this has to be invariably rooted in social virtues. A collective…

The Mythic Model Of Vedic Astrology

Most people (even in India) consult Vedic astrologers because of some pressing unfulfilled desire or fear, but rarely with the intention of enquiring and understanding, ‘How the Divine has actually structured their consciousness…

Vedic Astrological Consultation: FAQs

Q1: What is Vedic Astrology?
Vedic Astrology [hereafter, VA for short] is an ancient Indian Divine-centric, analytical system of profound understanding of the totality of events and circumstances in human life-beginning with…

The Devas – Asuras Model


Atma in Vedic Astrology


He also uses the Devas – Asuras model of the Puranas as a Model for Vedic Astrology and as a model which helps us to secure self-knowing and finally Self realization. Devas and Asuras in Vedic Astrology are the Benific and Malefic life energies of Isvara, driving human lives. The many hooded snake is the Serpent of Time (Kala Sarpa).



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