Horoscopic Analysis, inclusive of Remedial Measures

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Horoscopic Analysis, inclusive of Remedial Measures

The Remedial Measures prescribed in Vedic astrology & in the Systems Approach are certainly not to be taken as ‘some actions’, which when performed ‘mechanically’ will bring about an end to the karmic-obstructions in our life. As we have adequately emphasized in Part VII & VIII, there has to be a change of heart at the time these Remedial Measures are being taken up. As explained in Part VI & confirmed by the numerous case-studies of Part IX; the individual who comes now on the path of the astrological Remedial Measures, is obliged to have devotion & sincerity as essential spiritual qualities for undertaking these time-tested Remedial Measures.

We provide horoscopic chart analysis, which will be essentially astrological assessments of the strengths & weaknesses of the planets & houses, which may thus form the basis for our prescription of detailed Remedial Measures for the FBs of the chart as well as for the FMs. We use for the most part, the rigorous methods of the Systems Approach.It must however be noted that unless & until the ‘forward movement of life’ has been obstructed by ‘karmic-forces’, a horoscopic chart analysis is generally not called for. In Part IX the 15 different case-studies revolve round the dissolution of a ‘karmic-obstacle’ which has manifested in life. It is really in such moments of calamities, disappointments, rupture in relationships, professional fall, unexpected disease, failure & defeat that we really need reliable astrological guidance. The case-studies of Part IX are intended just to drive home this point.The Preventive Remedial Measures, which we will also be recommending in this horoscopic chart analysis will go a long way in nullifying the afflictions & strengthening the weak planets. In this way the undesirable repercussions of ‘karmic-obstacles’ in life may be averted, their maleficity toned down greatly – well before their expected ‘time of arrival’, according to the Vimshottari dasa system of ‘clock-time’. [See case-studies 9, 10 & 11 of Part IX]

Consultation charges per chart … … $ 250.00

  • Kavachs for Healing, Protection & Life-Fulfilment:
    • Lingarupa with flowery design $200.00
      Oval-shaped Locket with Aum embossed $225.00
    SA & VA Remedial Measures: $150.00
    Horoscopic Analysis, inclusive of Remedial Measures: $250.00
    Fore-Knowledge of Prospective Life-Partners: $200.00
    • Consultation charge for additional of 1 charts: $25
      Consultation charge for additional of 2 charts: $50
      Consultation charge for additional of 3 charts: $75
      Consultation charge for additional of 4 charts: $100
      Consultation charge for additional of 5 charts: $125
    Muhurtas for all Auspicious Beginnings:
    • Naming Ceremonies [Namakarana]: $200.00
      Initiation into Learning [Vidyarambha]: $200.00
      Marriage Ceremonies [Vivaha]: $200.00
      House-Warming Ceremonies [Grihapravesa]: $200.00
      Initiation into Spiritual Life: $200.00
      Land-worship Ceremonies [Bhoomi Pooja]: $200.00
      House construction Ceremonies: $200.00
      Overseas Travels & Pilgrimages: $200.00
      Spiritual Retreats Commencement: $200.00
      Important Examinations & Interviews: $200.00
      Surgeries - Commencement of, etc: $200.00
      Elective Caesarean-Birth: $200.00
      Birth of Organisations & Companies: $200.00
    Guidance for Improving Educational Performance: $150.00
    Guidance for Harmonizing Relationships: $150.00
    Astrological Knowledge & Insights About Human Nature: $200.00
    'Other-knowledge' & 'self-knowledge': $150.00
    Astrological Spiritual Guidance: $200.00
    Rectification of the Birth-Time by the SA Methods: $400.00
    Answers to Questions on Astrology & Life: $40.00
    Misc Service Charges: $
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