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Real-life Questions from People facing the Problem of ‘Delay in Marriage’

Case Study 14

(i) Aborting ‘delay’ in marriage: ‘My youngest daughter is 25 yrs old and every alliance is slipping away. I know that a good Vedic astrologer can abort this delay and bring about the reality of marriage. Here is my daughter’s horoscope. Please tell me what Kavach she must wear and what Poojas she must do, so that at least within the next 6 months, we can find a good match for her?’


The weak FBs are Mo, Su, Sa and Me. Ju is the MMP.

(ii) SA Remedial Measures:

This young lady belonging to a decent and prosperous north Indian business family [settled in Chennai] had a Taurus Asdt Chart with the MEP at 27°38′. All the FBs were weak, but the placement of Su in the IIIH would have given her a strong will and power of determination. The weakness of the FBs suggested that she should wear a Kavach during an auspicious Muhurta. The MMP Ju exactly afflicts the IIH of family cohesion, while the lord of the VIH, a FM, closely afflicts the IVH & the XH. Thus the marriage Hs: IIH, IVH, VIIIH & XIIH are all weak, which accounts for the delay in marriage. The Su is also deb in the D9 chart. SA Remedial Measures were prescribed for Ra, Ke, Ju, Ve & Ma. She wore the Kavach during an auspicious Muhurta on 9th Oct 2003. They were doing the Remedial Measures with devotion & sincerity.
[See Sec.2 of Part VIII]

(iii) Isvara’s grace through the Remedial Measures:

The young lady’s father & brother consulted me on 6th Oct, 2003, when she was running the Ma-Ju sub-period. The Kavach was worn during an auspicious Muhurta on Oct 9th. In Mar the following year, her brother, a respectable businessman, gave me the good news that his sister is betrothed to be married. On 7th Jun, 2004, the brother gave us the wedding invitation of his sister, with a feeling of joy & satisfaction. Here then is another instance of how Isvara’s grace comes to us through the Remedial Measures of SA.