Present Objectives

It is to receive ‘the blessings of Isvara [God]’- through the powerful Remedial Measures of Vedic astrology [VA] & the Systems Approach to Vedic astrology [SA] – for one or all of the following three ends. (1) For understanding & surmounting our ‘karmic-obstructions’ in life; (2) For the alleviation of our ‘karmic-sufferings’ & (3) For securing an enduring inner peace and contentment, through the calming and soothing of our troubled consciousness!

In accomplishing the above objectives, it has also been my mission to raise the level of ‘Hindu Consciousness’ and the ‘awareness of Vedic and Hindu astrology’ world-wide, especially at a time when the Hindu civilization is seen to suffer from its inability to assert itself, through a genuine rediscovery of what its soul has stood for in times past.