Atmajnana Yajnas in India

1. Atmajnana-Ayurvedajnana Yajnas:

These will be two-day ‘spiritual retreats’ structured as ‘a confluence of two streams of Yajnas’: Atmajnana Yajna & Ayurvedajnana Yajna. They are open to all earnest seekers, who though travelling on their self-chosen spiritual paths, may nevertheless be also open to explore & discover that one & only Truth, which liberates, namely, Atmajnana [self-knowing, SelfRealization]. It now comes to them in the form of these Yajnas, which offer afresh, the two-fold pristine teachings of Sanatana Dharma, for receiving the two prasadas of Atmaprasannata & Atmajnana on the one hand, and Ayurvedajnana & Arogyakshema, on the other. The retreats would also vastly benefit people, who may have been yearning for the ending of their sufferings, but whose conflict & agony may not have come to an end as yet.
A comprehensive picture of the Yajnas is also available as a longer 28 page PDF Doc, which can be had upon request.

2. The Acharyas conducting the Yajnas:

The Atmajnana Yajna stream of the retreat will be conducted by the Acharya, Sri Sankara Bhagavadpada from Chennai, and the Ayurvedajnana Yajna stream of the retreat, by the Ayurvedacharya, Dr Sunil Joshi, from Nagpur India, and also from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. The lifemissions of the two Acharyas may be found in the following paragraphs.

Ayurvedacharya, Dr Sunil Joshi is one of the renowned Ayurvedic physicians of our times, with a practically world-wide presence. He has been practicing as a pioneering Ayurvedic Panchakarma Physician since 1983 in India[at Nagpur] and outside India, in the US since 1992[at Albuquerque, New Mexico], and holds the record of having treated more than 25,000 patients through Panchakarma at his clinics in India and USA.

Yajna: Meaning ‘sacrifice’ or ‘self-abnegation’. Used here in the sense of the ‘self’ being offered as a ‘sacrificial oblation’ into the fires of Atmavichara,Atmajnana & Ayurvedajnana.

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