Guidance for Improving Educational Performance

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The Remedial Measures prescribed in Vedic astrology & in the Systems Approach are certainly not to be taken as ‘some actions’, which when performed ‘mechanically’ will bring about an end to the karmic-obstructions in our life. As we have adequately emphasized in Part VII & VIII, there has to be a change of heart at the time these Remedial Measures are being taken up. As explained in Part VI & confirmed by the numerous case-studies of Part IX; the individual who comes now on the path of the astrological Remedial Measures, is obliged to have devotion & sincerity as essential spiritual qualities for undertaking these time-tested Remedial Measures.

We provide astrological guidance for improving the educational performance & achievements of students & youth. The case-studies 1, 2, 3 of Part IX, illustrate just this aspect of our services. There are multiple reasons as to why a given student may be an under- achiever in education. These multiple reasons pertaining to his motivation [IIIH & Ma], his capacity for learning [IIH, IVH, VH & Ju] and emotional security through home-life & parents [IVH, IXH, the Mo as well as the Su] can invariably be traced back to the weaknesses of the Hs & planets mentioned above.In addition, if there are influences of Ra, Ke or the malefic lords on the above Hs & planets, the individual gets attracted to sensory delights and all this can be averted by learning something of Dharma, self-knowledge and the importance of the astrological Remedial Measures.When a Kavach is worn during an auspiciously chosen Muhurta, it automatically strengthens the Vidya sthanas and the Propitiatory Charities when pressed into service simultaneously with devotion & sincerity have the power to enhance the grace of Isvara for achievement & fulfilment in educational endeavours.

Consultation Charges per chart : $ 150.00

  • Kavachs for Healing, Protection & Life-Fulfilment:
    • Lingarupa with flowery design $200.00
      Oval-shaped Locket with Aum embossed $225.00
    SA & VA Remedial Measures: $150.00
    Horoscopic Analysis, inclusive of Remedial Measures: $250.00
    Fore-Knowledge of Prospective Life-Partners: $200.00
    • Consultation charge for additional of 1 charts: $25
      Consultation charge for additional of 2 charts: $50
      Consultation charge for additional of 3 charts: $75
      Consultation charge for additional of 4 charts: $100
      Consultation charge for additional of 5 charts: $125
    Muhurtas for all Auspicious Beginnings:
    • Naming Ceremonies [Namakarana]: $200.00
      Initiation into Learning [Vidyarambha]: $200.00
      Marriage Ceremonies [Vivaha]: $200.00
      House-Warming Ceremonies [Grihapravesa]: $200.00
      Initiation into Spiritual Life: $200.00
      Land-worship Ceremonies [Bhoomi Pooja]: $200.00
      House construction Ceremonies: $200.00
      Overseas Travels & Pilgrimages: $200.00
      Spiritual Retreats Commencement: $200.00
      Important Examinations & Interviews: $200.00
      Surgeries - Commencement of, etc: $200.00
      Elective Caesarean-Birth: $200.00
      Birth of Organisations & Companies: $200.00
    Guidance for Improving Educational Performance: $150.00
    Guidance for Harmonizing Relationships: $150.00
    Astrological Knowledge & Insights About Human Nature: $200.00
    'Other-knowledge' & 'self-knowledge': $150.00
    Astrological Spiritual Guidance: $200.00
    Rectification of the Birth-Time by the SA Methods: $400.00
    Answers to Questions on Astrology & Life: $40.00
    Misc Service Charges: $
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