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Real-life Questions from Young Men & Women in search of Life-Partners

Case Study 4

(i) A question in the sphere of ‘Kama’: “I am just getting into a relationship and feel sometimes scared, as the individual concerned has been a perfect stranger to me. From what little I have heard of Vedic astrology, I have a feeling that the horoscope of an individual does throw light on the nature of his personality. If this is really true, as I believe it is; then no one in their right mind can jump into a relationship, even on grounds of mutual affinity. If I give you the birth details of the individual concerned, would you be able to say very clearly if he has good character, whether he is ethical and generous or devious, cunning and self-centered? I hope I will be pardoned for asking such a ruthless question.”

(ii) Astrological light: “In Vedic astrology, there is such a thing as compatibility analysis between two charts and this is usually done with a view to ascertain whether the two individuals are compatible with each other in the context of marriage. However in the Systems Approach, on which I largely rely, each chart is studied in detail for its own merits & demerits and on the basis of this SA analysis the question of ‘compatibility’ is ascertained.

“In the context of a Hindu society since the onus of providing economic sustenance for the family falls on the shoulders of the man; I ensure that the man has stronger planets in his chart than the woman. When seen from this point of view, the chart you have placed before me has a strong Ju and also a strong IXH and as the other deficiencies can be made up through the Remedial Measures, I wish to reassure you that this chart augurs quite well and you may take further decisions on the basis of this favourable assessment.”

Note: Lest Western readers be taken aback by this kind of an astrological solution to the problem of the choice of a life-partner – in a Hindu society, which still continues to be traditional to a certain extent – I wish to reassure Western readers that Vedic astrology when used in conjunction with the Systems Approach, is fully capable of offering solutions to life’s enigmatic problems, even when these problems pertain to contemporary Western society. In this sense, the astrological solution must always be customised by taking into account the sphere of life, in which the individual is travelling, at the time he seeks astrological guidance.

Case Study 5

(i) A marital question in the sphere of ‘Kama’: “My parents are in the process of selecting a suitable husband for me. I have visited many astrological websites, and seem to have a basic understanding & faith in the ‘diagnostic powers’ of Hindu astrology. Thus, I would like to know whether you can look into the horoscopes of the line of possible candidates and then tell us, which one among them, I may choose as my husband? “

(ii) Astrological light: “I use the SA for ascertaining how strong a given individual’s relationship in the sphere of marital life will be. I know that your chart is quite good with a strong Mo, strong Ju and a strong Sa. Your Mo & Sa are FBs, while your Ju is an FM for your chart. In the SA we examine in a man’s chart the strength of Ve [signifying the wife] & the strength of the following marriage Hs: VII, II, IV, VIII & XII and also examine the Navamsa chart to see how strong all these marriage lords are in that Div chart. Yes, we can do this kind of an analysis for you and let you know whenever we come across the chart of an individual which holds promise for a happy married life as well as for matters of health, progeny & profession. You will have to supply us these series of charts from time to time and we will keep you informed of the results of our analysis.”

Note: Till now some 45 charts of prospective grooms have been scrutinised and among them, just two were selected for further consideration. No chart has been finalised and the process is still continuing.

Case Study 6

(i) A question concerning ‘marital compatibility’: I was approached by a respectable couple for examining a chart and giving my verdict as to whether that prospective bridegroom would be compatible for their daughter or not. I made an SA analysis on the said chart and passed on the findings to them.

(ii) Light thrown by SA on the said chart:

1. “The individual [I will call him ‘S’ for short] will be soft spoken and a good communicator. He will also be highly motivated & good to look at [an exalted Mo ruling the IIIH in the Asdt, though not 100% strong by SA criteria].

2. “There will be some emotional disturbance within S as also in his home-life at least to the extent of some 50%. However, this emotional disturbance is not so bad, as to make S into a depressant [his IVH suffers a 100% affliction from the nodal axis]. In any case, S will not have the excellent inner happiness that your daughter has been blessed with.

3. “There are clear difficulties with progeny – first of all in getting them, then secondly in safe-guarding them, once they arrive on the scene [S’s VH lord Me is deb & under exact treble affliction from the FMs Ma & Ju. As these afflictions are occurring in the sign Pisces, they become more magnified & intensified].

4. “S will be materialistic & stubborn [just like your daughter, S is also a Taurus Asdt. Taurus Asdts are stubborn & usually resist change! Both of them will have their minds fixed on money!] However, your daughter is spiritual, with a strong soul and she will get to know her strong soul, maybe a little later in life.

5. “S’s professional life does not look good to me [his XH is under an exact affliction from the nodal axis]. Status in his profession seems to be a contentious matter. On the other hand, your daughter’s professional life will be highly successful and you know that there are already strong indications to this effect.

6. “Though wisdom tells us that all comparisons are odious, in this instance I am obliged to say that your daughter’s creative intelligence surpasses S’s.

7. “S’s strong planets are the Mo and Ju. This shows that S will be generally Sattvic in temperament, but the pleasure seeking nature is definitely there, maybe as a veil over this Sattvic nature [the pleasure seeking nature comes into existence because of the treble affliction to the VH lord Me].

8. “S’s inner happiness as well as happiness at home is not vouchsafed by fate to be good in contrast to your daughter’s case. This will be a somewhat grey area in S’s life. On the basis of the above facts, it is for you and your daughter to come to a decision.”