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What are our Astrological Problems/Questions

Our clarity in understanding the ramifications of the four goals of human life in ancient Hindu society should have given us a definite advantage, in that it would have awakened us to the importance of having to constantly bear in mind in which sphere of life – whether in Dharma, Artha, Kama or Moksha – the given individual in question is actually ‘travelling’, at the time, his specific astrological problem is being taken up for analysis.

Asking the right question is very much an important part of being able to receive the right Remedial Measures from an astrologer. In fact there is a very important branch of Vedic astrology, going by the name of Prasna Sastra [Horary astrology] which deals only with ‘focussed & charged’ questions, especially in situations when the seeker does not know what his birth details are. Such a branch of Vedic astrology is actually a Hindu counterpart of the Chinese equivalent – I Ching [The Book of ‘Changes’].

To help you identify clearly that particular nagging problem, over which you are supposedly spending sleepless nights, we offer you by way of illustrations, a number of kindred examples of life’s problems & dilemmas – for which timely astrological solutions had already been found. For some the nagging question may be quite clear and standing out, while for others it may be submerged in a sea of teeming fears and doubts. It is for the latter category, that these case-studies might now serve as living examples of the power of the Remedial Measures.

If you find the following case-studies offering some testimony for the seekers & votaries having benefited from the Remedial Measures of Vedic astrology; this has been possible in the first instance, because they had the grace of Isvara to be already poised at either ‘the second’ or ‘the third level’ – when they came seeking my help. Though I may not have succeeded in raising their level of awareness of Vedic astrology to ‘the fourth’, their dilemmas and ‘karmic-obstructions’ were nonetheless expeditiously dissolved. This was Isvara’s grace for the votaries and seekers as well as for me. In every one of the following examples, we witness how the Remedial Measures of SA & VA offer us protection in hard times & bless us with the necessary healing & fulfilment, for continuing our onward journey in life.