Abbreviations Used

1.Vedic astrology = VA

Systems Approach to Vedic astrology = SA

2. Time of Birth = TOB, Place of Birth = POB, Date of Birth = DOB, Time Zone = TZ.
The above are the ‘birth details’ of the birth chart. By Horoscope is meant the Rasi chart & the Navamsa chart as well as the entire gamut of the Divisional [div]charts. Navamsa chart = D9

3. Sun = Su, Moon = Mo, Jupiter = Ju, Mars = Ma, Saturn = Sa, Venus = Ve, Mercury = Me , Rahu = Ra & Ketu = Ke.

4. Houses = Hs, First House = IH, Second House = IIH, etc, Ascendant = Asdt, Most Effective Point = MEP, Moola Trikona House [MTH], Moola Trikona Sign [MTS], Transit = Tr, Transit Significant Event = TSE, Debilitation = deb, Exalted = exalt, dasa = major period, bhukti = minor period or sub-period. Dharma Hs are IH, VH & IXH; Artha Hs are IIH, VIH & XH; Kama Hs are IIIH, VIIH & XIH; Moksha Hs are IVH, VIIIH & XIIH. Angular Hs are IH, IVH VIIH & XH.

5. MTSs & Non-MTSs: Aries is the MTS of Ma; Cancer is the MTS of the Mo; Leo is the MTS of the Su; Virgo is the MTS of Me; Libra is the MTS of Ve; Sagittarius is the MTS of Ju; Aquarius is the MTS of Sa. Accordingly, if Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces are the Signs, which underlie particular Hs in the SA, those Hs will not have Lords. Only the Hs, falling in the MTSs, mentioned above will have H Lords. This sharp distinction between the MTSs and the non-MTSs is a characteristic hall-mark of the SA.

6. Navagrahas refers to the Nine ‘Grahas’ [‘Planets’] listed in 3. Functional Benefic = FB, Functional Malefic = FM, Most Malefic Planet = MMP, Kavach Engraving Muhurta = KEM, Kavach Pooja Muhurta = KPM, Kavach Wearing Muhurta = KWM, Duhsthanas or malefic Hs = VIH, VIIIH, XIIH.

7. We use the Vimshotthari dasa-bhukti system of ‘clock-time’ in the SA and the Lahiri Ayanamsa, used by the Govt of India.

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