The Seven Stages of an Astrological Consultation

The Seven Stages of the Astrological Consultation Process:

1st Stage: Preparing for the Consultation:

These introductory docs will prepare you for the consultation. You are expected to read and understand them, so that there is a clear intellectual conviction in you as to what all this is about.

  • FAQs: Vedic Astrological Consultation.
  • How to Consult a Vedic Astrologer.
  • How to derive benefit from the Remedial Measures of Vedic Astrology.
  • Remedial Measures as the ‘Second Line of Grace’.
  • ‘Samkalpa’ and its Importance.
  • The Mythic Model of Vedic Astrology [‘Devas-Asuras’ Model].
  • Responsibilities of a Vedic Astrologer and the Consulting Seeker.
  • ‘What forms of the Remedial Measures’?
  • ‘Self-knowledge’ and ‘Other-knowledge’ in Vedic Astrology.

2nd Stage: Sending your Complete Birth Details and Stating your Problem Clearly:

You then send your complete birth details [i.e.; date, month, year, time and place of birth] and state what your problem is. Must provide adequate information [See in this regard one of the introductory docs: ‘How to Consult a Vedic Astrologer’?

3rd Stage: Selecting an ‘Astrological Service’ & Payment:

You must select an ‘astrological service’ from our website, and make the payment into our bank [Bank A/C details will be sent to you at that stage]. If you are outside India, you will have to pay through the Payment Gateway [CC Avenue], that is attached to the website.

If you are unclear about what kind of astrological service you need, Sri Kannanji will help you to get clarity in this area.

4th Stage: We send you the Chart Analysis and the Vedic Astrological Remedial Measures:

We will send you Chart Analysis and the Vedic astrological understanding of your problem, along with the Remedial Measures. This will constitute our Vedic astrological solution to the problem posed by you.

5th Stage: Your Further Qs on the Vedic Remedial Measures:

Having read our comprehensive Vedic astrological solution carefully, you may wish to raise further Qs depending on your absorption of the materials we have sent you in the previous stage (the 4th Stage).For example, you may wish to learn more about the Gem Pendant/Kavach that has been recommended. Sri Kannanji will give you the quote for the Gem Pendant, and will take an order from you, after you have approved the quote. He will also dispatch the Kavach to you, in case, you have ordered the Kavach. All other astrological Qs and Qs pertaining to the Remedial Measures will be answered by Sri Guruji.

6th Stage: Our Clarifications and Answers to all your Questions:

We will provide further answers to all your Qs, raised in the 5th Stage. [In 5th and 6th Stages, usually we end up exchanging many e-mails back and forth-especially, if you are a focused seeker and have many Qs arising from your understanding of the materials placed before you.]

7th Stage: Optional Skype Conversation with Sri Guruji:

You will have the option of speaking for about an hour with Sri Guruji (Sankara Bhagavadpada) on Skype [not on the Telephone], so that all your various doubts may be cleared in a face to face dialogue.

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