Krishnamurti’s self-knowing

The Master Sri J Krishnamurti’s ‘Medicinal Decoction’ of:

Choiceless Awareness of What Is:

In every age, authentic masters have always approached the problem of moksha in their own inimitable way. It is true that the master Sri J Krishnamurti (1895-1986), never directly drew attention to the goal of moksha per se. Instead, he only sought to clear away – the piles of debris of conflict in consciousness; the veiling obstacles created by maya; by avidya, or real ignorance; and by ahamkara , or the individual demonic ego; through the very potent ‘medicinal decoction’ of the choiceless awareness of what is.

To him, this was true meditation, and even this could not be achieved because of the self-seeking will of a seeker, an ‘imaginary individual’; it just had to happen, whenever the conditions for the same became favorable. He had always stressed the importance of learning about the obstacles and becoming intimate with them, for in his view, it was this that held the real key and could therefore open the door to freedom. Now, what indeed is this choiceless awareness? And secondly, what is this so-called what is?

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