Samkalpa and it’s Importance

The Samkalpa:

People usually do not have a Samkalpa, because they have suffered so much in life, had so many failures, that, in their despondency, a negative pessimistic and fatalistic out-look is more in tune with their thinking! However, if this negative pessimistic tendency continues, even Isvara cannot save us from our miseries [God helps only those who help themselves].

The Samkalpa or determination is the most important ingredient in the Remedial Measures, for all outward actions, coming from a despondent soul, will not succeed in creating the “Second Line of Grace”-which is what the Remedial Measures are intended to

Thus work with a clearly formulated goal [Samkalpa] and work systematically towards its achievement. This approach will bring success, where previously, there was only a pattern of failure. Spend time dreaming about your Samkalpa, let it arise from your deepest yearning, and let it be charged with your emotions. A dry Samkalpa which carries no emotional charge, will certainly not at all be so powerful, as an emotional Samkalpa. The Samkalpa must be formulated in words, must be felt, yearned for, cried for, dreamt about, thought about, etc, till it becomes potent enough to directly manifest in creation, as the materialization of your aspirations. Know that this is the bedrock, upon which all Remedial Measures stand. All Poojas/Prayers/Abhishekas are performed, only for the fulfillment of the Samkalpa.

If, you are moving in the mundane spheres of Artha and Kama, then, having a Samkalpa is very natural, but on the other hand, if for various reasons, you have made a transition to the spheres of Dharma and Moksha, then in that condition, a mundane Samkalpa, may not mean much for you, but an appropriate Samkalpa in the spheres of Dharma and Moksha may still be necessary, for the further journey of life.