Responsibilities of The Vedic Astrologer and The Seeker

What are the Responsibilities of the Vedic Astrologer and the Seeker in a Jyotish Consultation?

A competent Vedic Astrologer-when he/she looks at any Vedic Chart [RC, plus all the 12 DCs], must ascertain the following-as this is the essence of a Vedic Chart Analysis:

1. He must identify strong Houses [Hs] and strong Planets (Both FBs and FMs)- since these indicate the strong Blessings in life.

2. He must identify weak Planets and weak Hs (both FBs and FMs), as this will show a shortfall in the Divine Grace in various spheres of life, and account for dissatisfaction, lack of fulfillment in the various spheres of life.

3. He must also identify Afflictions in the RC, as well as in every one of the 12 DCs, as Afflictions will create misfortunes in life.

4. Fourthly, having identified the Afflictions, he must prescribe the correct and potent Remedial Measures, as these have the power to create the Second Line of Grace-which alone has the potency to minimize the severity of the Afflictions.

5. Fifthly and most importantly, must educate the client and give him a sound understanding of the RC and the necessary DCs, so that henceforth, the client learns to walk on the road of understanding and clear thinking, rather than on the former dark road of blind belief, superstition, fear and desire, a road to which in fact the whole of humanity has been accustomed for thousands of years.

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