Hindu World Astrology.Net makes available these Vedic astrological Remedial Measures – such as the Kavach, the Propitiatory Charities, the Hindu Poojas or Homas etc, as well as the varied astrological services – in an attempt to bring fulfillment to its ‘Mission’, set forth in the Home page. If ‘the necessary conditions’ for receiving Isvara’s grace, as set forth in Parts VII. 6, VIII. 1b & XI. 1, are not fulfilled for some reason or the other; ‘Hindu World Astrology and Dr. Sankara Bhagavadpada cannot be held responsible for a consequent ‘delay’ in the fructification of the suggested Remedial Measures. In this sense only, a warranty cannot be provided.

Seekers are nonetheless hereby persuaded to take into account that it has always been the author’s strong samkalpa that no votary of Vedic astrology must ever suffer the denial of the blessings of Isvara [God], coming to them through the various prescribed Remedial Measures.The predictions, astrological insights & wisdom, and personalized guidance that Dr. Sankara Bhagavadpada provides through this website come from his astrological skill and experience in Vedic astrology and in the Systems Approach to Vedic astrology. His answers to various astrological questions and his astrological guidance may be considered as additional valuable light on various life-problems and should not be considered as a substitute for technical advice or actual medical treatment for physical or mental ailments; such as what licensed professionals [lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists & financial consultants] provide in their respective spheres.

In the event of Dr. Sankara Bhagavadpada making an inadvertent error in his astrological data reception or interpretation, he will always be prepared to revise his conclusions and guidance – at no extra cost – as soon as the inadvertent error is brought expeditiously to his notice. However, the chances of such human fallibility are rather slender – going by author’s experience in these last 7 yrs.

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