Ayurvedic Panchakarma: Unpublished Chronicles

Between July 10th and August 3rd, 1999, I underwent Panchakarma at the clinic of Dr. Sunil Joshi in Nagpur. This not only resulted in almost complete relief from my painful condition of allergic Bronchitis, it gave me the unexpected boon of many Advaitic spiritual insights, and so carried me farther on that road of Self-realization. For want of time, I have been unable to write up these chronicles for publication.

Between 15th Aug 2010 and 24th August, I was again at the Ayurvedic Clinic of Dr. Joshi and for Panchakarma, this time for a seven day Panchakarma, and accompanied by my wife, Dr. Prema Shanker.

On Sept 6th 2011, we were there again for Panchakarma, till Sept 14th. In Feb 2012, we again had an 8-day Panchakarma at the same clinic in Nagpur. Starting with the 24th Feb, 2014, we were again there for Panchakarma for 8 days. Every time we were there, I have studied the Panchakarma process closely and made notes, hoping that someday I could publish this, for the welfare of other seekers like myself. Unfortunately, this task is still unfinished. In terms of health, without the least exaggeration, we may declare that we have abundant energy, as though we are in our thirties! We thank Dr Sunil Joshi, Dr Shalmail Joshi, Sri Mukul Joshi, Smt. Preetiji, Sri Praveenji, Sri Rajuji, and other members there, who have made that place holy and pure through their seva bhava and their samkalpa.

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