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Real-life Questions from People Seeking Remedies for a more ‘Dharmic’ Life

Case Study 15

i) Question: “My son is married and lives in America with his wife & two children. He is earning quite well and is a good fellow, even though in his younger years, he was quite rebellious, whenever we imposed something on him. Recently, he got into some trouble with the police there, as he had taken more liquor than he could stand. It is a great wonder that he has even agreed to perform the astrological Remedial Measures and wear the Kavach on his person. This in itself is Isvara’s grace for us. If we give his birth details, will that help you to prescribe for him the correct astrological Remedial Measures as well as the nature of the Kavach he will have to wear, to improve his own fate? Since he is a kind of a rebel, he will not accept authority, but in this case, he has somehow agreed to follow our instructions. So will you please help him with the suitable astrological Remedial Measures?”

(ii) Weak & afflicted Cancer Asdt:
“I have looked at your son’s chart from the data you have given me. He has a Cancer Asdt, which potentially is a difficult Asdt like Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio & Taurus and whenever such Asdts have no strong planets, but have afflictions, the Remedial Measures are always slow to yield results. This does not mean that we should succumb to a fatalistic attitude. We should look at those planets & Hs in a chart, which still hold promise of more Divine grace and utilise the energies of that H, in building up a new life.

(iii) SA analysis: “The VIH lord’s affliction to the Asdt H [as well as the VIIH, IXH & VH] makes him wilful & stubborn and also righteous. The affliction to the IXH from the two FMs Ju & Sa, will give him a heterodox approach to religion & law, while a well placed Ve in the IIH will make him sweet-spoken and kind at heart. The IIH & the IVH, which are family Hs, are in better shape than the others and this accounts for why he is a family man, in spite of so many malefic afflictions. Ra’s close impact on an extremely weak Mo gives him confusion, fear, excessive craving as well as depression and an inclination to worldly things & illusions. The affliction of the IIIH and IIIH lord shows interest in the occult world and obstructions and failures where business ventures & initiatives are concerned, as well as an inability to be a team-leader.

(iv) Remedial Measures: “He should wear a Kavach during an auspicious Muhurta and also perform Remedial Measures for a Cancer Asdt , according to the SA principles. Patience is called for on the part of his family members and near & dear ones. He begins the Guru mahadasa in Nov 2006 and 16 yrs later he begins the Sani mahadasa which will run for another 19 yrs. As the FM Ju is afflicting and as Sa is afflicted, these dasas will not be so easy to deal with, even in matters of health. An emerald for Me [4.7 carats], a pearl for the Mo [4.7 carats], a diamond for Ve [1 carat ], a coral for Ma [4.7 carats] will also help to raise the energies of the FBs, in addition to the Kavach. [See Sec.2 of Part VIII].

(v) Spiritual potentials: In view of the strengths of the Su & Ve in this chart, the multiple afflictions to the Hs & planets and the Guru mahadasa approaching, with the intensification of spiritual approaches [Prayers, Chanting of Mantras] there is a possibility of the individual surrendering to the Divine and thereby overcoming psychologically all the misfortunes, which the afflictions in his chart are bound to bring into his life. This is the route he must take, in the coming mahadasas.”