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Real-life Questions from People facing Problems of Ill-health & Disease:

Case Study 13

(i)The healing power of the Remedial Measures:

A family of three came to consult me one night. It was 12th Aug, 2005. They were certainly anxious and were on the look out for dependable healing of their daughter’s strange illness through astrological methods. At this time, as the family was not conversant with the astrological traditions of India, they needed constant reassurance from time to time, but in the end it was a magnificent success story alright, probably to the dismay of reputed doctors who for their part were administering their line of treatment.

(ii)Medical diagnosis: What the doctors had prognosticated had made them lose their confidence and as a result of doctors from prestigious hospitals being unable to actually diagnose the nature of her illness, the family was left with a grim picture, without any assurance whatever that she would make a complete recovery. She was the only child of her parents and this aggravated their anxiety. During the Me-Mo sub-period, which commenced w.e.f. 27th Feb, 2005, she developed lymph nodes in the throat, a change of voice for the worse, recurrent fever and sometimes could not even open her jaw. Doctors diagnosed all this as ‘Lupus fever – Auto Immune Deficiency.’


(iii)SA analysis of the young lady’s chart: From the birth details I found she had a Gemini Asdt with the MEP at 20°27′. She had an exalted strong Ve in the XH at 19°07′ & a strong Ju in its own MTH at 19°06′. Sa was well placed in the VH at 20°33′. Ra & Ke were badly placed in the XII & VI Hs respectively at 13°25′. The Mo was however deb in the VIH of ill-health at 6°59′. Ma was also in the VIH at 3°42′. The Su was exalted at 4°42′ and Me was placed in the XIH at 11°09′. Sa was deb in the D9 chart and the Mo was again deb in the D6 chart, pertaining to issues of health.

Thus the Mo, Ma, Su, Me & Sa were weak FBs, but the chart gave me very good confidence since strong FB planets, namely Ju & Ve, had fortified all the four angular Hs with the utmost strength. Her voice was hoarse, in keeping with the very weak Mo and the afflicted IIH, because of a Tr affliction from Ra. A strong Ve had given her love of dancing, a strong Ju, great sincerity and love of learning, while a very weak Mo made her vulnerable to emotional hurts!

Fortunately, the parents were patient and had a sympathetic ear for what I had to say. I realised that my first responsibility was to make them regain their confidence that a 100% recovery is absolutely possible and I wished to achieve this through education & the imparting of right astrological knowledge. This particular case study was child’s play for me, notwithstanding its gravity. I owe my clarity in this analysis to the power of the SA developed by Prof. V. K. Choudhry.

I began by allaying their fears through the sutra of Vedic astrology that whenever any ill health or disease arises through Ra’s affliction, more often than not, the illness will defy a diagnosis. In other words, Ra-created diseases are non-diagnosable. This did provide the first dose of relief. Then I drew their attention to the MEP in their daughter’s chart being at 20°27′ and immediately in the sequel asked them to read an e-mail, which Prof. Choudhry had sent to the Satva Group on 11th Jul 2005 and which I had carefully cut-out & pasted in my case-studies note book. I always do this in order to give people precise astrological knowledge. The Prof’s message read as follows and the family took it in, receiving their second dose of relief.
‘Relief’ because they could now see that I am astrologically identifying & diagnosing their daughter’s enigmatic malady.

Prof’s message: “Ra & Ke are currently at 23°53′ in Pisces & Virgo. They will be moving slowly and then Tr Ke would be forming conj with Tr Ju. Then Ra & Ke would be stationary at 19+° in Oct & Nov. Those of you who have planets between 24° to 18° in even signs or the ascending degree around 19° need a continuous caution for about 5 to 6 months. Continuous propitiatory remedies are recommended.” [ Dt. 11th Jul, 2005]

They were shown the Tr chart super imposed on the natal chart and how the stationary Ra & Ke would continue to afflict exactly 6 out of the 12 Hs in the natal chart. The IIH was explained to refer to the neck & the throat area and with the II lord Mo being so weak, and with the Mo’s sub-period running, with the Mo’s MTH being exactly afflicted, these difficulties had to manifest. This gave them the next dose of relief.

Vedic astrology seemed almost magical to them. I next told them that the horoscope represents ‘the mood of God at the time of birth’ and if something is unfavourable for the individual in this initial mood of God which shapes his destiny, then there are always astrological Remedial Measures which enhance the strengths of weak planets and nullify afflictions and thereby drastically modify the consequences of ‘the mood of God at the time of birth’ during an unfortunate sub-period. . Even if their conscious minds might have offered some resistance, their inner selves would have sensed this to be the truth and would not have had any hesitation in accepting my astrological interpretation of the turn of events in their daughter’s life for the worse.

(iv) SA & VA Remedial Measures prescribed: I said to strengthen the weak FBs a Kavach was absolutely mandatory and that she could also wear in addition a pearl necklace round her neck, as often as is convenient for her. These pearls were intended to raise the energy of her Mo, ruling the IIH and being very weak natally and also particularly during the currently running Mo sub-period. I gave them an exceptionally good Kavach Wearing Muhurta, corresponding to the commencement of Guru Mahadasa and with 6 strong FB planets. Apart from the Ra-Ke SA Remedial Measures, I suggested some Remedial Measures of traditional Vedic astrology as well, as I did not want to take any chances, since the suffering was already acute. I asked them to do the Ra-Ke dosha nivarana pooja at The Sri Kalahasti Shiva temple some 150 Kms from Chennai. The Kavach was worn on the 21st Aug, 2005 and they were asked to do the dosha nivarana pooja every month on a fixed Saturday for the coming 4 consecutive months. [See Sec.2 of Part VIII]

(v)Isvara’s grace through the Remedial Measures: I told them that the Ra-Ke SA propitiatory charities would have to be continued with devotion & sincerity till 1st Aug, 2006. I saw the Tr affliction from the nodes waning away by 15th Dec, 2005 and assured them that their daughter will have a 100% recovery, but that the Kavach must always be on her body and also the pearl necklace around the neck [for as long a period as she can possibly bear]. The parents used to ring me up every fortnight or every month and gave me the good news that the medicines were being withdrawn gradually and that their daughter has even secured an excellent job with a renowned I T Co. Their daughter had just completed a prestigious post-graduate management course and had also secured her degree. The Me-Mo sub-period comes to a close by 1st Aug, 2006 and this ought to indicate the time frame after which such problems connected with the weak Mo may not manifest in the near future. The family had secured the grace of Isvara through the Remedial Measures of traditional VA & the modern SA.