Kavachs for Healing, Protection & Life-Fulfilment

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The Remedial Measures prescribed in Vedic astrology & in the Systems Approach are certainly not to be taken as ‘some actions’, which when performed ‘mechanically’ will bring about an end to the karmic-obstructions in our life. As we have adequately emphasized in Part VII & VIII, there has to be a change of heart at the time these Remedial Measures are being taken up. As explained in Part VI & confirmed by the numerous case-studies of Part IX; the individual who comes now on the path of the astrological Remedial Measures, is obliged to have devotion & sincerity as essential spiritual qualities for undertaking these time-tested Remedial Measures.

We provide silver Kavachs for strengthening the energies of the FBs in a natal chart in two models [see pictures in Part VII, Sec 4]. To know more about the Kavachs, their sacredness & their powers, we must read carefully Part VII, Secs. 4, 4a, 4b, 4c, 4d,5 & 6, for this will give us a correct idea of the function of the Kavach as a Systems Approach Remedial Measure. To provide the Kavach, we need the birth-details of the individual. The auspicious Kavach Wearing Muhurta [KWM], appropriate to your city of residence will be provided by us, as a free service, that comes along with the Kavach.

The function of the Kavach is to harness the Divine grace of Isvara and anchor it in the life of the wearer- in all spheres of life, ruled by the FBs. Thus it enhances the beneficence in life, through its healing-power, the protection it offers and the fulfilment it brings into the spheres of health, profession, business, travel, marital-life, progeny, friends, earnings as well as the spiritual life. The weaknesses of the FBs will be raised and relief secured to the extent of 80% to 90%. [See case-studies 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 of Part IX for appreciation of the healing power, the protection power and the grace for fulfilment, which the Kavach can bring into our lives.]

Kavach Model Kavach Design Kavach Weight & Size Price*
‘A’ ‘Lingarupa’ with flowery design Weight ~ 7 [in gms] Size ~ 3.7×1.4 [in cms] $200.00
‘B’ ‘Oval-shaped ‘Locket’ with Aum embossed Weight ~ 9 [in gms] Size~ 3.5x 2.15 [in cms] $225.00

* Packing & Forwarding charges extra.