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Our Bonafides for Astrological Consultation

It is because of our half-hearted & sceptical approach rooted in our modern ignorance of astrology that, although some good astrologers might have given us solutions to our daunting problems, we may never have followed their guidelines, simply because we did not have any faith in what the astrologers had said. And our lack of faith can always be traced to our having no true knowledge of Vedic astrology. Our ignorance thus invariably results in a wasteful expenditure of our time and money. To bring home this point more forcefully, we may dwell on the following illustrative scenario.

Imagine an ignorant and sickly man, who finally makes up his mind to go and see a doctor, only because his well-meaning neighbours thought that that would be the most sensible thing for him to do. For his part however, if the sickly man has no faith in doctors and thinks them to be mere charlatans, and even if the best doctor prescribed the best medicines with the utmost sincerity & even if the man took these potent medicines, in his state of utter faithlessness; you can be quite sure that nothing good would come out of all his efforts! Yes! Simply because, he has said an emphatic ‘No!’ to the treatment in his heart of hearts.

It will be a clean case of the power of prejudice and the power of negative-thought winning over the power of modern medicine! So is it, even with Vedic astrology. We deny ourselves the blessings of Vedic astrology, through the power of our prejudice & our misunderstanding – as to what astrology is & what it is not.

To remedy this unfortunate situation, we now unveil the intelligent face of Vedic astrology, by throwing much light in this process on actual case-studies, which testify to the Remedial Measures giving us healing, protection as well as fulfilment during difficult times in our life.