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Real-life Questions from Married People facing challenges in their Marital Life

Case Study 7

(i) The problem of ‘delay’ in getting progeny: “We have been married for 3 yrs and yet have no children of our own. Worst of all, many relatives have been passing snide remarks since the last two years and for our part, we are so deeply hurt that we are even contemplating relocating to another city, beyond the reach of our kinsmen. We do know that this is no solution to our embarrassing problem. Sometimes we have heard on the TV, some Vedic astrologers saying that through Remedial Measures, children can be certainly had. We know at least one such case, which actually proves this point. Could we be guided towards having our desire for two children fulfilled, through these so-called astrological Remedial Measures?”

(ii) Remedial Measures for securing progeny: “From my experience I know that even for married women who were without children for 10 yrs after marriage & whose VH was 100% afflicted & with the Su & Ju also very weak; a child arrived on the scene through Isvara’s grace, and that too within a year of the Remedial Measures being performed with devotion & sincerity.I also know that in the SA, this is a break through which is quite common, provided the Kavach is also worn to strengthen the weak FBs.

“Thus, I wish to allay your fears with regard to your inability to have progeny [ In the SA, if the VH has a MTS, then the VH lord becomes the prime significator of progeny, while the IIH, Ju & the Su also become general significators ]. Even if the mood of Isvara at the time of birth does not favour the blessings of progeny, the beauty of Vedic astrology is such that, through the power of the Remedial Measures, such ‘karmic‘-obstacles may be surmounted, provided certain minimum conditions are fulfilled.” [See Sec. 2, Part VIII]

Case Study 8

(i) “Can Vedic astrology help me to expedite my divorce?” [Question from a young married lady]

“Mine was a traditional arranged marriage, but it has ended in a disaster. The husband has been in a good position abroad, making a decent sum of money, but somehow living with him has been hell. You know that in the Indian set up, even educated women from good families have to face very bitter and humiliating experiences in their marital lives. The only saving grace has been that we have had no children till now! Our lives together as husband & wife have been absolutely miserable and both of us want a divorce. My mind is fully made up on this and I want to begin a fresh chapter in my life. There is naturally a fear that this experience might be repeated, if I marry again. Thus I ask whether you can allay this fear in a convincing way and on sound astrological grounds?”

(ii) Astrological light on divorce & ‘the new-life’:

“Marriage breaks up & you have the phenomenon of divorce only when the marriage Hs as seen in the Systems Approach are weak & afflicted. Astrologically, ‘the mood of Isvara at the time of your birth’, should not have been favourable for a stable & enduring marriage. This does not mean however that to be divorced is your fate. We are also living in materialistic times, when higher principles of Dharma, which created cohesive families in traditional societies, are sadly no longer a part of our lives.

“First of all, let me assure you that the Remedial Measures help us to surmount our karmic-obstacles and dissolve our karmic-sufferings, and divorce is just one typical example of these karmic-sufferings. We not only have to come out of this impasse, but must also learn life’s great lessons in this process. To emerge as cynics, carrying the burden of the wounds in our heart would be pointless. Divorce can be expedited, depending upon our sincerity and devotion to God. Once these two ingredients are there, the Remedial Measures can do wonders & miracles for us.

“The Remedial Measures of Vedic astrology strengthen our weak planets and gradually nullify the afflictions in our chart, which are the sources of our misfortunes. Through these Remedial Measures, it is relatively easy for us to secure the grace of Isvara for strengthening our mansion of marriage, so that its vulnerability to disruption is entirely only a thing of the past. This will show us the way to build a new life not only based on sound Dharmic principles, but also on Propitiatory Charities that can be adopted on a day to day basis, so as to make our marriage Hs strong. Thus, you need have no fear that your bitter experience of the past will be repeated. The Kavach will strengthen your weak FBs, while the Propitiatory Charities on a daily basis will gradually nullify the afflictions to the extent of 80%, provided all this is done with devotion & sincerity.

“What is more, Vedic astrology is also a spiritual system of healing & protection, that will enable you to die to the past and make you innocent at heart. In this way you become open to new opportunities that life may place at your door step.”

Case Study 9

(i) Repairing a ‘rickety mansion of marriage’ through the SA Remedial Measures:


Ju signifying the husband is exactly afflicted by the MMP, Ve. There are six planets in the malefic Hs. Colour-code used in case-study 2 is universally applicable to all case-studies.


The FBs Mo, Sa, Ju, are exactly afflicted by the FMs.

In early 2004 a Hindu housewife who was living abroad was desperately in search of Remedial Measures to stabilise her rickety & nerve-wracking marriage. She and her husband put on the Kavach during an auspicious Muhurta on 8th Apr 2004 and she began to diligently perform the SA Remedial Measures for her own Pisces Asdt, as well as for her husband’s Libra Asdt. [See Sec. 2, Part VIII] As even desired by her, she had her second baby and saved her marriage from a possible disaster.

As we can see from her chart as well as from her husband’s, all the marriage Hs & their lords are weak [in her chart] with the possible exception of the VIIIH lord. She had a strong Mo & a strong Ve in her chart, which is a good augury for an enduring marriage. In her husband’s chart, the Mo, Sa & Ju are exactly afflicted & apart from the good placement of the weak Asdt lord in the IXH, there are no strong planets at all. Thus, in spite of ‘the mood of Isvara at the time of birth’ being unfavourable for an enduring marriage, the Remedial Measures of the SA were able to bring Isvara’s grace into her life and save her marriage.