What Forms of Remedial Measures

1 (i) there is an institution called “Manasa” in Mysore, for helpless destitute mentally ill
women run by Dr. H.Sudharshan who has been part of the Ramakrishna Mission. We had
earlier made some donations towards setting up a cow shed at their campus. I have now
contacted them and checking how we can help further. With regard to helping locally in
Hong Kong, I am checking to find suitable organization.

In selecting some form of the Remedial Measure, pl note the foll:

While Dr H Sudharshan has been doing admirable work, and any support for the same is
commendable, this, in my opinion will not count as Remedial Measures for Jyotish. Why

Because, this is something you do, and it fades from your consciousness(because of
invisibility and remoteness).

‘Human thought is like a pencil of Laser Light-especially when the same is emotionally
surcharged, and the ingredients of sincerity and intention(Samkalpa) are added to it.’

The whole idea of the daily propitiatory charities is that, it is fresh and tingling in
consciousness, so will carry enormous power to materialize.
The whole philosophy of the Remedial Measures is to materialize certain perceptions in
consciousness, when the same perceptions are empowered through Intention, Devotion to
the Divine, Sincerity, etc. The offerings are a means to achieve the same.

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