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Real-life Qs from People Who are facing Professional Set-Backs

Case Study 10

(i) “Can Remedial Measures reverse set-backs in the sphere of profession [ Artha ]?”

A sophisticated technocrat who had qualified himself at one of the prestigious institutes of Software Engineering in the US by taking a hefty loan, had returned to India after his training and was fortunate to get a well paying job, after some anxious delay. However, the fortune of a well paying job was not to last long. Four months of precious time had been lost since he quit this first assignment after the US training. Now, no job was in sight. The liability of the loan seemed daunting.

He was familiar with the religious and astrological traditions of the Hindu world and had even taken the initiative to re-build an ancient temple in his native village. He was on the lookout for reliable astrological Remedial Measures and had faith in their efficacy. He was hoping to clear his massive debt through his new monthly remunerations.

(ii) SA analysis of his set-back:

He had a Libra Asdt with Ve as his one & only strongest planet, while the Ra-Ke axis afflicted the IVH & XH to the extent of 100%. Ra also afflicted the IIH of status exactly. His Ju & Mo were well placed, Ju in the VH & Mo in its own MTS. It was in the Mo-Ra sub-period that he received this professional setback.


The weak FBs: Su, Sa, Ju, Mo & Ma, are at 0o 4′ in Sagittarius, at 14o 56′ in Capricorn, at 13o 04′ in Aquarius, at 25o 50′ in Cancer, and at 0o 47′ in Leo respectively. Ve is the strongest FB. Ra,Ke & Me are FMs.

Beginning with early Mar 2004 till early Jul 2005, he was to run the Mo-Ju sub-period. However, as Ju was deb in the D9 chart, the time called for strengthening of all the FBs, through a Kavach worn during an auspicious Muhurta. He had met me on the 20th Feb, 2004 and forthwith began all Remedial Measures with all sincerity & devotion w.e.f. 22nd Feb itself.

(iii) Isvara’s grace through the Remedial Measures:

On 9th Apr he had an excellent job offer from a well known IT company in Chennai, as the senior Vice-President of the Software Engineering Group, with now more than 1,000 people working under him. In view of Ra’s exact affliction to his two professional Hs, namely the IIH & the XH; I had asked him to be prepared for a series of successive jobs, rather than for one permanent job. I wished to change his perception, from expectation & anticipation of a permanent job to satisfaction & contentment with a series of interesting, fulfilling but impermanent jobs. I took the decision to shift his perception because of the astrological SA insight into his professional instability, which I knew his Rahu would surely create.

As his family was stationed in his home-city of Chennai, he accepted this second assignment, even though he was to receive 20% less by way of salary, than what he was drawing from his last assignment. In the beginning he was a little apprehensive, whether he would secure a job in Chennai at all. I had maintained that because he had now turned to Isvara, through the Remedial Measures, he would indeed find a suitable and challenging job in Chennai itself, as Isvara [God] is Bhaktaparadhina [dependent upon the devotee].

He asked for an auspicious Muhurta for beginning his new assignment, and this day was determined to be the 16th Apr, 2004, between 10:39 & 10:49 AM. During this auspicious Muhurta he occupied his new seat of power, with the invocation of Isvara’s grace.

(iv) Kavach lost & found: There is also an interesting incident which happened during the individual’s subsequent visit to the US. He had discovered that he had lost his Kavach, presumably during the flight to Los Angeles. His wife had brought this to my notice on the 26th June, 2004. On 5th July, the Airlines Company had found the lost Kavach and had couriered it back to him. It was found that between the dates 27th June and 4th July, his Asdt Lord was transiting the VIIIH and had actually slowed down in its retrograde[R] motion and become stationary during the said dates!

Case Study 11

(i) “Can Vedic astrology create professional settlement [Artha], without disruption of family-cohesion?”


Both husband and wife were IT professionals. The wife was already working as a senior engineer in an IT concern in Hyderabad. The husband was probably too proud to seek astrological or spiritual guidance. This was clear from his weak Leo Asdt chart, which though giving him good intelligence, had no strong planets at all.

(ii) SA analysis of the set-back: The weakness of the planets in the husband’s chart was the real reason for his professional impasse. In addition, his Asdt H was closely afflicted by the MMP, the Mo. The FBs, Sa, Ve and Ju were also weak through their debilitation in the D9 chart. In the natal chart, Ve was well-placed but weak through its extreme ‘old-age’. They approached me in his Su-Ve sub-period. The Mo Mahadasa was going to begin in Sept 2004 and this certainly called for Propitiatory Charities to nullify the existing affliction to the Asdt H

The wife’s chart was certainly the stronger of the two. She was a Cancer Asdt, with a deb Mo, but with reasonable strength [though not 100%] for her Su, Ma and Ve. Many planets in her VH blessed her with a high intelligence, though the deb Mo and the combust & exactly afflicted Me had always made communication a difficult thing for her in her professional environment. For her, the Ve Mahadasa was going to begin in Oct 2005 and this held the promise of progeny and also general beneficence, since Ve was well-placed in the VH and also the Most Benefic Planet [MBP] for the Cancer Asdt in the SA.

In this prevailing impasse however, as she knew that her husband was without any professional assignment for the last two and a half years, she mustered enough courage and enquired what Remedial Measures they would have to undertake, for bringing about his expeditious professional settlement? For his part, the husband had returned from the US in Sept 2002 after completing a post-graduate course there, and they had got married in Feb, 2003. His going to the US for higher studies was itself only by way of an interim relief measure as he was even then without any job. She also naturally desired that both of them should find work only in the same city.

(iii) SA Remedial Measures:
Through e-mail dialogues, all their doubts were laid to rest and they agreed to wear Kavachs and perform the SA Remedial Measures for the Leo and the Cancer Asdts [See Sec.2, Part VIII], exactly as suggested and importantly with their hearts turned towards Isvara, with devotion and sincerity. They wore the Kavachs during an auspicious Muhurta in early June, 2004.

(iv) Isvara’s grace through the Remedial Measures: Before the expiry of the first month itself, after wearing the Kavach, the husband secured a job in Bangalore. Though this provided some relief, it also created stress in their relationship, as they now had to work in two different cities. At this stage, they were asked not to be disheartened, but to continue with devotion and sincerity all their SA Remedial Measures in the form of Propitiatory Charities, and were also asked to direct their prayers to their Masters and family Deity in a certain specific way.Within three months, his company opened a new branch in Hyderabad and he was transferred to this branch & this new assignment was to his liking. Thus, the events showed an impossible turn-around. Isvara’s grace coming through the SA Remedial Measures enabled them to secure professional settlement, without the disruption of family-cohesion.

Case Study 12

(i) “What Remedial Measures does Vedic astrology recommend to us when we have to deal with disobedient & defiant subordinates in the office?”:

He was intelligent and being a Leo Asdt, also ‘generally in command’- a Wing Cmdr [Retd], but presently the GM of an IT establishment since the last five years, with some 50 people working under him. Though he had all along managed his responsibilities very well, now he was at his wits’ end, not knowing any longer how to deal with a strange situation which had suddenly developed in the office.


Two architects, who were employees in this company, were instigating all other workers to boycott the social get-togethers organised by the company for the general happiness of its employees and in this way, discipline and efficiency in the office was being eroded and a certain rebelliousness came into the air, so to speak. His dilemma was – what should he be doing now by way of some concrete action so as to restore the old discipline and the pattern of compliance with the GM’s directives?

(ii) Insights and wisdom – fruits from Vedic astrology:

In Sec. 7 of Part I,
we had learnt that one of the fruits of VA was the insight & the wisdom it offered in understanding enigmatic life situations. In the above instance, the GM was in a quandary, not knowing which way to proceed and not even knowing how long the crisis would last. He was told that the crisis he was witnessing in the office was the manifestation of Tr Ra from the VIIIH afflicting Tr Sa, which was moving in the XIIH. He was in fact running the Ju-Ra sub-period and during such a sub-period of Ra, a problem arising from Ra’s affliction was bound to have some severity. Only the Kavach that he was already wearing, and the SA Remedial Measures that he was already performing had given him adequate protection and thus the crisis could not overwhelm him. None the less, it had to be handled in a certain urgent and wise way now.

(iii) Abhishekas to Sri Sani Bhagavan [Lord Saturn], served to control the karmic-consequences of Ra’s Tr affliction to Tr Saturn:

As Sa represents servants and workers in VA, this particular highly malefic affliction from Tr Ra to Tr Sa, understandably would have manifested as his workers coming under the spell & possession of some ‘Rahuvian confusion’ or ‘Rahuvian disruption’. When this was explained to him, he in fact testified that this was quite an accurate description of the state of affairs. Vedic astrology was also in a position to give him the following consolations that would have brought peace to his mind.

He was told that after April 5th, as Tr Sa in the XIIH would be switching from retrograde motion to direct motion, the intensity of the crisis was expected to come down after this date.

It was also predicted that after May 10th, the crisis would be toned down even further, as by that date the Tr affliction to Sa was expected to cease [by SA sutras].

Since Sa was the prime significator of his wife [he is a Leo Asdt] and Sa was undergoing this prolonged affliction for some months, he was already suggested Preventive Propitiatory Charities in order to give his wife maximum possible protection during this vulnerable period. Apart from the regular SA Propitiatory Charities for Ra, Ke & the MMP the Mo [See Sec. 2 of Part VIII], he was also asked to participate with full devotion & sincerity in the Abhisheka ceremony to Lord Sa, which I wanted him to perform every fortnight on Saturdays at the Kapaleeswarar temple in Chennai at the Sannidhi of Sri Sani Bhagavan. This Propitiatory Charity which was over and above what the SA had prescribed for him, was considered temporarily mandatory for providing protection for his wife’s health, which Sa also represented [his wife had some serious health concerns].

When asked whether prior to these prescribed Abhishekas to Lord Sa, he had taken the additional Samkalpa that: ‘workers must be loyal and should not turn unruly & defiant’, he answered in the negative and reiterated that the two other Samkalpas he had already taken only pertained to the longevity of his wife & to his professional ascent. Thus, prior to the Abhishekas which were now suggested for the coming four weeks, he was asked to take this additional Samkalpa that ‘his workers must be co-operative, productive, compliant and that they should not become disobedient & defiant’.

(iv) Isvara’s grace through the Remedial Measures:

When I spoke to him on the phone on Jul 7th to find out the latest picture w.r.t. the situation in the office, he informed me with joy that there was a complete turn around in the office atmosphere, without his having to do anything by way of disciplinary action in his managerial capacity! All that he did was only the astrological Remedial Measures. He said his other Samkalpa for getting a new and more challenging assignment was also fulfilled and that he would be soon taking up the new responsibility. He also assured me that in the predicted time frame, the defiant mentality of the workers had undergone a change for the better apparently due to the grace of Isvara [God]. Here then is a typical & astonishing example of a Vedic-astrological business management methodology, for the resolution of management problems.