How to Derive Benefit from Vedic Astrology

How to Approach Vedic Astrology[VA] and How to Derive Benefit from VA?

Anybody seeking to really empower themselves with the Remedial measures of Vedic Astrology, must start applying themselves seriously [they must start thinking calmly with interest and start contemplating on all the aspects of their life I am touching upon], paying close attention to everything that I am saying, trying in the process to develop a vision of their life as a good Vedic Astrologer would. Unless this seriousness and this sincerity is shown, the approach will end up being casual and will eventually become fruitless, though there may be an initial excitement, some surge of a false hope that a ‘miraculous remedy has at last be found’, etc.

I strongly discourage people who seek my guidance from taking a more credulous and gullible path of blind belief and worldliness [which makes them do the Remedial Measures, through excessive fear or excessive desire, but rarely through good understanding]. VA is not at all about ‘how Planets govern our lives’[nothing can be farther from the truth than this false notion of VA].On the contrary, VA is all about understanding the Will of Isvara in our life, for the Horoscope is itself, the Mood of Isvara at the time and place of birth. So this astrological knowledge will help us to know, in which departments of life[and there are in all 12 Departments of Life, called Houses[Hs]-see the attached Doc on the 12 Hs]we have the “Strong Blessings” of Isvara [represented by strong FBs(Functional Benefic Planets) in our Horoscope], in which departments of life, we have the “Weak Blessings” of Isvara [represented by the weak FBs in our Horoscope], and in which departments of life, we have to face the “Wrath” of Isvara [represented by the strong or weak FMs(Functional Malefic Planets) in our Horoscope].

Such knowledge amounts to self-knowledge, i.e.; knowledge of ourselves, who we are-as personalities, how our inner and outer life has been architecture by Isvara, and such self-knowledge must assuredly result in peace, self-mastery, and also eventually in understanding ‘others’, so that we may also be at peace with them in our life. Such is the scope and power of astrological knowledge. See in this connection, the Doc: Self-Knowledge and Other Knowledge.

Depending upon the power of understanding of the individual, his her sincerity, devotion and application; this new astrological clarity, astrological illumination and astrological enlightenment, will become yours, in a matter of weeks, months or years. All the supporting Docs that I send, will when studied carefully, pave the way for this new darsana, new illumination.

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