The Mythic Model Of Vedic Astrology


Most people (even in India) consult Vedic astrologers because of some pressing unfulfilled desire or fear, but rarely with the intention of enquiring and understanding, ‘How the Divine has actually structured their consciousness, body and destiny’. In this consultation the emphasis is not on belief, or faith in Vedic astrology. Rather it is on actually understanding our ‘destiny’, and discovering ‘who we are’, in terms of the Divine architecture.

On the surface, each of us have a ‘mask’ composed of many personalities. This mask is ‘a kind of alloy’ forged in the Cosmic cauldron, through a certain fusion (a specific permutation and combination) of the Cosmic Benevolent and Cosmic Malevolent Life Energies of the Divine [God]. At the deepest level, we are of course, the Atma, the Universal Soul, and one with the Divine. The ‘mask’ creates the illusion of individuality.

If we first manage to decipher and understand this ‘Divine architecture’ in our own case, this is likely to automatically lead to our further understanding of the ‘Divine architecture’ of ‘other people’ as well, those who may have an important role in our destiny- for they too are only different kinds of ‘alloys’ like ourselves. Once this deep understanding has settled well, then we will succeed in abandoning the long cultivated habitual human error of trying to correct the Divine architecture in ourselves and in others!

Then alone relationship can possibly have a different meaning. Then, ripping asunder the outer mask of the personality, composed of the Benefic and Malefic Life energies, we shall by degrees be able to perceive the hidden Divine in allthough even then, the mask may sometimes quickly veil the hidden Divine and give us once more that old illusion that no one is the Divine, but that all are only ‘personalities’ which may be sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes even ugly!

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