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‘Qualifying conditions’ for receiving Isvara’s Grace through the Remedial Measures [See also Sec.9 of Part I]:

Actually to benefit to the fullest extent from these Remedial Measures, we will have to have a humble, sensitive & a more spiritual outlook on life. Here, it is important to emphasize that though Vedic astrology was born in the matrix of the Vedic spiritual society, the fruits of its Remedial Measures may be intelligently accessed and even adapted to suit one’s own religious traditions, by all those who have genuinely attuned themselves to spiritual & moral principles, in accordance with their faith in God. They need not necessarily be devotees of the Vedas & Sanatana Dharma, or even be Hindus, for that matter. All that is required of them is a strong sense of Dharma [virtue & moral law, as given by the numerous Hindu scriptural books, or even by their own family spiritual traditions, belonging to other religions] & implicit faith in the universal spirit of God.

If however, they develop an inner urge to drink from the Hindu well-springs of spiritual-knowledge & wisdom, there can be no doubt that then they shall have the additional blessings of Isvara for raising their consciousness to the fourth & the highest level, as we have explained in Secs. 3 & 4 of Part VI.

From the point of view of the SA however, in view of its analytical clarity & predictive accuracy, a good SA astrologer will often be able to say, just by looking at an individual’s chart, whether that given individual will actually perform the Remedial Measures or not! The Navagrahas Ju & Su are spiritual planets per se in VA and when these as well as the IXH or the IVH are weak and afflicted & in this way, if the Sattvic Navagrahas & Hs in his chart become weak & / or afflicted, then, even that individual who ostensibly seeks astrological help, will not in fact take the next important step of performing the enjoined Remedial Measures, but will instead turn away from them on account of his inherent lack of devotion and faith in Isvara.

While a more matter of fact approach would suggest that in such cases, we should not bother ourselves too much, as the individuals who ought to be concerned are themselves indifferent; yet in my experience I’ve found that whenever empathetic parents [or life-partners] have taken the responsibility & the pains of performing the Remedial Measures on a daily basis, for the benefit of their somewhat helpless & indifferent children [or spouses] they had invariably secured anything from ‘good to excellent results’- in the form of the alleviation of the sufferings of their near and dear.

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