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The Modern World-View vis-a-vis The Ancients’

Our contemporary world-wide modern civilization, which has essentially come to be set in a Western technological and secular mould- in contrast to the ancient civilizations– is anything but spiritual, as it is avowedly not ‘God-centered’ at all, in so far as its comprehensive vision of life is concerned. In fact, rather than being ‘God-centered’, it is either purely centered on the pursuit of technological-knowledge, leading eventually to wealth & professional success[all for the glorification & fulfilment of an ephemeral ego]; or worse still; it is often centered entirely only on the pursuit of pleasures & comforts, to the exclusion of every other higher humanitarian and spiritual value in life. In such a modern world-view then; the spiritual realities of the soul, God & the unity of all life- are more or less reckoned to be uncalled for ‘hindrances’, in the way of our headlong pursuit of individual success & the sensory gratifications in life.

It is this radical divergence of our world-view from that of the ancients, which puts us at a definite disadvantage; when it comes to our grasping, the significance and utility of Vedic astrology, within the context of our dramatic, but troubled lives.