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Role of the Kavach in strengthening the weak Functional Benefics [FBs] in the Horoscope

There are at least three ingredients in Vedic astrology, which are in the nature of meditational-revelations and certainly not at all the result of some deductive reasoning.

(i) The Vimshottari dasa-bhukti system, governing the unfoldment of an individual’s ‘destiny’ in accordance with the flow of subjective ‘clock-time’ is one such meditational-revelation, that must have come to Maharshi Parasara, who may be taken to be one of the founding fathers of Vedic astrology.

(ii) The introduction of the Nodes of the Moon, namely Rahu and Ketu into the pantheon of the Navagrahas is another of those meditational-revelations, which is of monumental importance in this discipline.

(iii) The exact structure of the Jyotisha Yantras of mystical numbers for each of the Navagrahas, is a third example of revelatory knowledge, which we may not be able to deduce from more primitive principles. Such a Jyotisha Yantra of a given Navagraha is a matrix of mystical numbers arranged in rows and columns, but in a definite sequence and obeying some numerical laws w.r.t. their summation.

Such Jyotisha Yantras when engraved on Copper, Silver or Gold strips [or tablets], will come to carry, the ‘specific energy’ of that particular Navagraha Devata, provided, the engraved Jyotisha Yantra is prepared in a certain auspicious way, as discussed below.