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What are the Blessings from Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology has been the foremost of the Vedic Vidyas to have attracted the attention of the modern world, as a time-tested & reliable system of predictive & remedial astrology, that is singularly capable of bestowing upon us, three invaluable blessings provided, we are humble enough to re-orient our approach to life, through the ‘discovery’ of our ‘karmic-sufferings’ and coming to grips with the same.[See also Sec. 7, Part I]

(i) ‘Other-knowledge’ & ‘self-knowledge’:

Vedic astrology brings to us a profound understanding of the inevitable nature of ‘duality’ in our human life made manifest through the mysterious inter-twining of the sublime with the vulgar, the high & the noble with the low & the ignoble, the divine with the demonic, the spiritual with the mundane, the virtuous with the sinful, the right with the wrong, etc, as an unavoidable aspect of our enigmatic human fate. In this way, it opens our eyes to the play of the divine and the demonic forces as part of our ‘karma‘ & ‘destiny’, and brings home to us both ‘self-knowledge’ as well as ‘other-knowledge’, in the light of this confusing complication of ‘duality’.

One cannot be successful in the world & feel truly fulfilled both in the inner world as well as in the outer, without having a robust first-hand knowledge of ourselves, as also of others, in the sense mentioned above. Vedic astrology is unique in being able to provide this profound first-hand ‘self-knowledge’ of oneself, as well as the ‘other-knowledge’ of people with whom we may be bound up by the tie of destiny irrespective of whether this is in the family only, or in the professional sphere. The value of ‘self-knowledge’ is squarely acknowledged in the following verdict of a practising psychiatrist, from one of the leading metropolises of the world:

“All successful people have good self-knowledge – they know themselves and they are aware of their weaknesses and the conflicts that are likely to get in the way of attaining goals. Knowing yourself means you can develop strategies to overcome the weak or the resistant parts of yourself.”

– Dr. Raj Persaud, [Ref 1, Pg 37].

There are fundamental differences however in the way in which this self-knowledge is brought home to us by Vedic astrology, as against modern psychiatry. While Vedic astrology relies heavily on spiritual knowledge and spiritual-remedial methods of prayers, worship, incantations of mantras & charities, which heal the body & consciousness, without polluting them; the same certainly cannot be said of modern psychiatric methods with their strong dependence on powerful pharmaceutical drugs. In this context it is interesting to recapitulate Pandit Vamadeva Shastri’s observation pertaining to Western astrologers taking recourse to modern psycho-analysis, in the spirit of a Remedial Measure, since Western astrology suffered the loss of its knowledge of Remedial Measures, coming down to them from ancient times, because of the modern Sciences having taken an altogether different line of development [6, Pg 199].

(ii) Remedial Measures give 80% to 90% Relief:

Through its system of Remedial Measures, it makes it possible for us to minimize-and surmount-the baffling ‘karmic-obstacles’ in life and thus learn important ‘karmic & spiritual-lessons’ as a result of being able to perform the Remedial Measures on a daily basis, with devotion and sincerity [Ref 7, Pg 16].

(iii) Fore-Knowledge & Preventive Remedies:

By being in periodic contact with a competent Vedic astrologer, we will also receive yet another blessing – of knowing when bad times are expected to descend upon us – in the turning of the great wheel of time – and what we may start doing with devotion and sincerity, well in advance, by way of preventive Remedial Measures, so as to greatly minimize the onslaughts from such approaching misfortunes and bad-times. The importance of this fore-knowledge, and preventive remedial action which Vedic astrology gives us, cannot certainly be underestimated.

Through such Remedial Measures we can certainly alleviate our ‘karmic-sufferings’ – thereby greatly increasing our joy and contentment in life as well as securing freedom from our imaginary fears ! Thus the Remedial Measures of Vedic astrology, which are ultimately only spiritual in their essence, offer us good divine protection, when the arrival of bad-times temporarily nullifies the divine protection, with which we were all born – irrespective of whether it was to a greater or a lesser degree.

Our approach is not in the terse style of a ‘text-book of Science’. We have adopted a lighter method of narration, for as we had emphasized earlier, we are not concerned here with imparting the technical subtleties of this Vedic discipline, but are attempting only to convey the philosophical & spiritual foundations of Vedic astrology, which underlie the apparently simple-looking Remedial Measures. In this way, a deeper conviction and appreciation of the profundity of Vedic astrology is attempted to be created. [See also Sec. 8 of Part I]