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Three Fruits of Vedic Astrology

[1] Predictions of coming life-events.

[2] Insights & wisdom into human life.

[3] Averting a ‘bad-fate’ through Remedial Measures.

Astronomy studies the motions of the planets and other celestial objects moving on the zodiacal belt, whereas astrology with its passion for philosophical profundity and the resolution of the enigmas and paradoxes in human life; studies the structure of human destiny, and sees it arising from the structure of time itself.

We are usually under the strong impression that the best fruits of Vedic astrology are the predictions: when disease may strike, when losses may come to us, when we may go abroad, when a marriage may be made or broken, when we may be honoured and when we may possibly die, or suffer some humiliation, or lose in a litigation, etc.

However, predictions are not the only desirable fruits of Vedic astrology. Even more valuable than the predictions are the philosophical fruits, such as insights into life and wisdom; for the Vedic astrologer can determine in a given life, when hard times come and when the time is fertile for a certain kind of activity. When a certain action may meet with success and when it may result only in failure and on the basis of such insights and judgements, Vedic astrologers will be able to tell us, whether it will be prudent to act at a certain time, whether it will be propitious, to commence the construction of a house, or whether some big suffering is in store for us, etc. Thus Vedic astrology has always been well-known for predictive knowledge undergoing a metamorphosis into insights, wisdom and a deeper understanding of life. Nor, are these insights & wisdom, all that there is to Vedic astrology.

[See also Sec.10 of Part II, pertaining to the Blessings from Vedic astrology.]