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Two distinct meanings of the term System in the Systems Approach

1. In Vedic astrology as well as in the Systems Approach [SA] – The Vimshottari Dasa system of Clock-Time constitutes one among the four important sub-systems of variables. Along with the remaining three sub-systems, it constitutes the four faces of the total ‘System’.

2. The sub-system of : The Twelve Zodiacal Signs.

3. The sub-system of: The Twelve Houses.

4. The sub-system of: The Nine Planets or The Navagrahas. If we liken the ‘System’ to a Pyramid, then the four sub-systems we have spoken about would constitute the four ‘faces’ of the whole Pyramid. Thus, whether it be in Vedic astrology or in the SA, the astrologer has the task of simultaneously considering the resultant of all the four sub-systems in the total System.

In the SA, however, the word ‘System’ is employed in two entirely different senses. One sense pertains to the total System, which envelops all the four sub-systems. Another sense in which ‘system’ is used, pertains to considering always, a group or ‘system of many astrological variables’, as collectively determining the astrological solution to a given problem in life. We shall meet with some examples of such ‘systems of astrological variables’ in our later considerations.