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Systems of Vedic Astrology used for solving Life’s Problems

In the spheres of Artha & Kama: for predictive accuracy, for ascertainment of the strengths of planets, for analytical clarity in the decipherment of the chart, for arriving at the correct answer for the question posed to me; for studying Transit Significant Events [TSEs], for ascertaining auspicious Muhurtas for commencing various important activities, as well as for deciding the main Remedial Measures for each astrological problem; I rely by and large on Prof. V. K. Choudhry’s Systems Approach to Vedic Astrology [ 7, 12, 13, 16 ] . In my experience, I have found the SA to be practically infallible in the spheres of Artha & Kama.

For astrological problems & solutions in the spiritual spheres of Dharma & Moksha, again I use the Systems Approach [SA], but always take another complementary look at the given problem from the point of view of Vedic astrology in these spheres, as expounded in a comprehensive way by Pandit Vamadeva Shastri [ 2, 3, 6 ] . I use some of his powerful sutras in these spheres, including those pertaining to Rahu & Ketu, the North and the South Nodes of the Moon – but as karmic-significators. The VA sutras pertaining to ‘impulsive egoism’, ‘passion’ and ‘knowledge & wisdom’, have repeatedly given me good insights into human nature [ 6 ] . I also use the significations of the Nakshatras, as is done in VA, especially to obtain insights into the personality and the general orientation of the ‘self’, especially in the spheres of Dharma and Moksha. [ 17 ]

I have found the Shadbala system of estimating the strengths of planets to be unreliable, but have found that the SA strengths of planets are much more reliable, since these are arrived at after applying more stringent and numerous tests of strength. This is a good place to recapitulate one of the most important of the SA sutras, pertaining the general decipherment of the chart. I have given a form to the SA sutras, taking the Isvara-centered spiritual vision of all Vedic Vidyas into account.

(i) Repercussions of Strong Planets as well as Weak & Afflicted Planets in the SA:

“Strong planets bring in the grace of Isvara [‘God’] more bountifully in the sphere of the House over which they rule; whereas weak planets, because of the insufficient grace of Isvara they bring in, cause ‘the phenomenon of delay’ with respect to the fructification of the results of the House over which they rule. If these weak planets are in addition also ‘afflicted’ by the FMs, then the ‘delay’ can well ripen into a permanent ‘denial’ of the fructification.” [See also Sec. 6. of Part V below]

(ii) Fruits of the Remedial Measures in the SA:

“However, if the Kavach is worn during an auspicious muhurta and retained on the body in an uninterrupted manner, and if the Remedial Measures for the FMs are performed on a daily basis with devotion and sincerity; then they will certainly have the power to raise the strengths of these weak and ‘afflicted’ FB planets and through these means, the ‘karmic-effect’ of ‘delay and denial’ can well be aborted and consequently the ‘karmic-obstacles’ in our ‘destiny’ surmounted.”

Thus, to know the ‘strengths’ of the planets is of the utmost importance in the SA, for otherwise predictions will become completely unreliable.