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Some Salient Features of The SA


The significance and relevance of the SA goes back to the founder’s realization that while Vedic astrology pertained to more spiritual ages in the past, with its emphasis on the Purusharthas of Dharma & Moksha; in our own time, as much of the modern world is obsessed with the mundane goals of Artha & Kama [ 7 ] , unless this shift is made to tally with our own contemporary society, which is rapidly undergoing Westernization, one cannot hope to regain the lost predictive clarity & accuracy of Vedic astrology. [See also Sec. 3 of Part IV]

Thus in the SA, corresponding to each of the twelve Asdts, the planets are classified as Functional Benefics [FBs] and Functional Malefics [FMs] and the fact of our modern society being obsessed with Artha & Kama is what then becomes the deciding factor for ascertaining the functional nature of the planets. This realization leaves us with a great loss, in that many of our classical sutras of Vedic astrology, may now become inapplicable, in view of our society not being spiritual, but instead being obsessed only with the mundane goals of Artha & Kama [ 7 ] .

Thus, the SA has a whole gamut of surprising new sutras, as these alone now become relevant in these mundane spheres. The malefic Houses [Hs], namely the VIH, the VIIIH and the XIIH are always considered ‘malefic Hs’ in the SA, and their Lords as well as Rahu and Ketu, the Nodes, become all the FMs, for any given Asdt. All the remaining Hs and their House Lords, whenever these Hs have MoolaTrikona Signs [MTS], become the benefic Hs and the FBs respectively.

In the SA, tremendous significance is attached to the MTS as this has been made into a powerful predictive tool in this system. It may be noted that only the MTHs have Lords, while a House, which has no MTS has no Lord. The SA may be considered to be Vedic astrology, which has been researched and reformulated so as to give us both predictive accuracy, as well as self-consistency and analytical clarity, w.r.t. the functional nature of planets, as well as planetary strengths – but confined to the modern spheres of Artha & Kama.

Its great merits are its analytical clarity w.r.t. (1) The functional nature of planets; (2), Transit Significant Events [TSEs] and (3) Predictive accuracy, with regard to the timing of events as well as in the rapid decipherment of the charts, whether natal, transit or even the numerous divisional ones, with regard to strengths and weaknesses of the planets & houses.