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What is Vedic Astrology all about ?

Vedic Astrology [VA] is a spiritually profound & quantitative system of predictive-knowledge governing both the ‘timing of occurrence’ as well as the ‘intensity’ of all the significantly happy, as well as the significantly tragic events of our human life. Such ‘Significant Life-Events’ in this discipline are understood to arise, in accordance with cosmic laws which govern the changing patterns of our ‘destiny’. Using the mathematical model of astronomy, involving the movement of the nine planets; VA portrays what ‘destiny’ is in store for us in the womb of time. And whenever such a ‘destiny’ threatens to take the malefic-form of a ‘conspiracy or obstruction’ leading to suffering at certain times in our life; it lays down individual-specific Spiritual Remedial Measures for modifying & overcoming the same.

Put differently, it may be taken to be ‘Kaala Vidya‘, or a system of Vedic-knowledge on the nature of ‘Time’, in so far as its benefic & malefic impact on our ‘destiny’ is concerned. Alternatively, it may also be considered to be ‘Jyotir Vidya‘, the composite-name for astronomy & astrology in that ancient Vedic-civilization. Here we should not miss out on the etymological meaning of Jyotir Vidya: It is a spiritual system of knowledge, which enables us to ‘See or illuminate, that which we are looking at in the field of our destiny or life’. For this very reason, the Vedic Rishis [Sages] had defined Jyotir Vidya as ‘ The eye of wisdom ‘.