What Basic Astrological Info should We Know ?:

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Content of the following Parts: Those who wish to consult astrologers will have to have some idea about important astrological variables present in their horoscope. In the Parts which follow we will have an occasion to go more deeply into various aspects of VA. After dispelling our ignorance and prejudice against VA in Part II, we shall familiarise ourselves with the four goals of traditional Hindu society in Part III. In Part IV we become familiar with the new ‘global avatar’ of VA. In Part V, we meet with the very precise and powerful Systems Approach to Vedic Astrology [SA]. In the following Part(VI) we realise that votaries of astrology actually fall into four different levels of energy & there is consequently the important challenge before astrologers of raising ‘the level of consciousness’ of these votaries.

In Part VII, we meet with the powerful Remedial Measure of the Kavach, for the Functional Benefics [FBs] in a horoscope and come to understand how it actually helps us to obtain the grace of Isvara, for bringing our karmic– obstacles & karmic-sufferings to an end. In the penultimate Part VIII, we familiarise ourselves with the Remedial Measures, in the form of Propitiatory Charities for the ‘afflicting’ FMs in a horoscope and come to understand how these Propitiatory Charities nullify the ‘afflictions’ in the chart-‘afflictions’, which point to the various misfortunes & ‘bad-times’ in our lives.

In Part IX, we present a number of typical case studies, illustrating how Vedic astrological guidance may be sought, in the face of daunting problems in life and how the powerful Remedial Measures set forth in Parts VII & VIII, actually help us to surmount karmic-obstacles & thereby bring in healing, protection & success in the face of these karmic-odds. In Part X, we briefly discuss three charts, pertaining to the spheres of Dharma & Moksha. In Part XI, we mention all our varied Vedic astrological services, intended for the ‘fulfilment of the world’ [Lokakalyana]. In the last & concluding Part XII, we furnish some relevant reference materials.

Basic Astrological Info We should Know:

  • “We should know our Asdt sign-whether this is Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces.
  • We should know the Most Effective Point [MEP] of our horoscope as this characterises our individuality & destiny.
  • We should know the Nakshatra in which the natal Mo is placed in our horoscope.
  • We should know which are the strong Functional Benefic planets [FBs] and likewise which are the strong Functional Malefic planets [FMs] in the Systems Approach [SA].
  • We should know which Hs are strong and which weak, by the SA criteria of the strengths of planets.
  • We should know which planets are weak and which ‘afflicted’ and thus also ‘weak’ in another sense[SA].
  • We should know which main period [dasa] and which sub-period [bhukti] are running at the time we come to an astrologer for consultation.
  • We should also know which main periods & sub-periods will bring our ‘karmic-obstacles’ & ‘karmic-sufferings’ to the fore, in the respective sub-periods.
  • Most importantly we should know from (iv), (v), (vi) what are the Remedial Measures, that may alleviate our sufferings coming from the ‘blows of fate’, to a good 80 to 90%.
    • Knowledge of these nine pieces of astrological data will give us immense clarity & confidence, as we set about seeking Vedic astrological guidance. We need not be disheartened, if we cannot hold the above nine pieces of data in our heads. By & by, they will get automatically committed to memory. In traditional Vedic / Hindu societies the votaries of astrology who sought astrological guidance had the above astrological data at their fingertips.