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The Third Fruit: Astrological Remedial Measures & their Power:

There are the very potent Remedial Measures of Vedic astrology, which are in almost all cases, fully capable of, alleviating the miseries to the extent of 80 to 90% [Ref.7, Pg 16]. Thus this Hindu Vidya, does not make a doomsday prediction and leave us in the lurch, completely vulnerable to the onslaughts of a ‘bad-fate’. No! On the other hand, it teaches you how to raise ‘the low energies’ of the planets in your natal horoscope, either through special kinds of worship of the Hindu Devatas [Deities] corresponding to the Navagrahas; or through a special empowerment of planetary energies [Kavach];or even through Pariharas [Remedial Measures] for gradually nullifying the afflictions in a horoscope, etc. Or it suggests some methods to overcome a bad-affliction in the chart well in advance and in this way, teaches the individual how to get more out of life, through the intensifying of his intelligent effort in accordance with the detailed prescriptions of the Remedial Measures given to us by the Vedic Rishis.

Thus we may say, Vedic astrology not only gives predictions and warns us about coming events; it also helps us to greatly soften ‘the blows of fate’ and to overcome ‘karmic-obstacles’ in life through intelligent effort, centred round the Hindu Devatas, either on the physical plane or on the higher devotional and astral planes. A doctor prescribes medicines, which are expected to change the ill-health of the body, while a Vedic astrologer will ask us to enter into an intelligent effort on a daily basis, which may be in the nature of a small but heartfelt charity or which may be in the form of a devotional worship of a certain Devata which stands for the energy of one of the weak Navagrahas [9 planets] in our horoscope.