Birth-Details are sufficient for creating the Horoscope

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Usually people go to an astrologer only as a last resort, when every other door appears to be shut and no solution seems in sight. Some years ago, I had the good fortune to come face to face with one of the greatest contemporary astrologers of our times. He then told me, a strange truth, which immediately permeated into my consciousness, as swiftly as rain water would disappear into some sandy tract!:

“In times of adversity, help from all quarters will be cut-off, even the Deity in the temple will not answer our prayers. At such times, God speaks through the astrologer.”

– Prof. Vinod Kumar Choudhry

In such times of trouble, all we have to do is make available our birth-details to the Vedic astrologer. This is our Time of Birth [TOB], Place of Birth [POB], Date of Birth [DOB] and the Year of Birth. Using this basic information, the astrologer, will be able to make our horoscope in a matter of a minute or so. In symbolic terms, this horoscope is the story of our life, our ‘karmic-credit and debit account’ or ‘the mood of Isvara at the time of our birth’. It holds the key to how we may continue the journey of life, in the face of these ‘blows of fate’; and what we may now undertake to do by way of Remedial Measures, so that we may recover from the present condition of a ‘karmic– impasse’, etc.