Atmajnana-Ayurvedajnana Yajnas

The Atma as the ultimate Divinity in the Vedic Tradition:

Throughout the ages, the spiritual luminaries of Bharatavarsha [maharshis, acharyas & avatars], notwithstanding their adherence to widely different darsanas [‘world-views’, or specific schools of philosophic thought]; unequivocally concurred with each other, when it came to the recognition of the Atma [Self] as the ultimate Divinity, that was enshrined – in the sanctum sanctorum of man’s consciousness – or, put differently, ‘just behind’ the mask of his self & personality. There was never any serious divergence in their view, when it came to this fundamental question of the Atma as the ultimate Divinity and refuge – for both distressed souls, ‘ensnared by the world’, as well as for mature seekers [mumukshus] on the spiritual paths of Dharma & Moksha.

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